Everyone loves trees, so getting them the very best start at the time planting is a fantastic application for biochar.

Dig the planting hole and break up the soil in a circular area according to tree species instructions. Mix 10-15% by volume of biochar into the removed soil before using it to back-fill the planting.

Biochar is amazing but more is not always better. Do not be tempted to add more than 20% biochar by volume as changes soil texture and can affect tree growth.


  • When possible, use biochar that has been co-composted to jump start the biology and mineralization.
  • Always incorporate ecto mycorrhizal fungi when available. Coat the roots generously.
  • Should you not have enough biochar to mix in the back-fill soil the next best option is to add a thin biochar layer (1/2″ to 3/4″) in the base of the entire planting hole.
  • Follow up later with biochar under the mulch. Incorporate 3 lbs per 10 sq ft under the drip line and watch your trees thrive!  

External resources:
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